We are not active anymore

For important concerns, contact the sustainability department of stuvus.

Just contact us.

Whatever you have to say to us, let us know. Praise and criticism, a good joke or other requests – we are happy about everything 🙂

Write us an E-Mail or DM us on Instagram.

E-Mail adress:
Instagram: @greencanteen0711

Would you like to join our team?

We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings with a little something to eat. There we exchange ideas about sustainable nutrition and see how we can have a positive influence. Write us an e-mail or DM us on Instagram, then we’ll let you know when and where our next meeting is.


We are always open for new cooperations. Our goal is to make nutrition at universities more sustainable, animal-friendly and healthy. Therefore we have created our own flyers to inform students at the University of Stuttgart. We are happy to make the flyers available to other groups in digital form (with your own logos if desired).